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Natalia Arteaga is a graphic designer, producer, and creative based in New York. Skilled in various disciplines, her experience ranges from editorial production, photography, assistant styling to video editing.

Natalia is currently open to freelance production opportunities as well as collaborative design commisions.


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8. The Sentinel


Project: The Sentinel
Type: UI/UX Design
Year: 2021

            The Sentinel is a local coffee shop and cocktail bar in Marfa, Texas that supports independent journalism through its newspaper The Big Bend Sentinel. The Sentinel itself is a community gathering space for locals and tourists alike, offering an inviting western atmosphere with sleek and natural finishes in its exceptional interior design.

            The objective for this project was to select a small business affected by Covid and create a site that helps the business function. The goal was to create an online space that reflects the interior space where site visitors can donate, access writings from The Big Bend Sentinel and locals can order a latte at a safe distance.

︎︎︎ This site was coded using CSS, html, and Javascript.

Natalia Arteaga is a graphic designer, producer, and creative based in New York City.